Adaptability offers a wide range of classes and services in order to meet the specific needs of all students with diverse abilities, from Early Childhood to beyond High School in Transitional Programs.

Adapted Physical Education classes-

One of our Adapted Physical Educators will come to your school and teach Adapted PE class(s) to your students. We pride ourselves by providing a positive learning environment filled with fun and engaging activities, games and skills! In addition to teaching classes, our APE can become a part of the students Individualized Educational Program while providing minutes with goals and objectives. These classes can be provided in two ways;

Reverse Inclusion Adapted Physical Education-

If a school has multiple students with diverse abilities that are unable to be safely and successfully mainstreamed into the general Physical Education curriculum, Adaptability will implement a highly structured Adapted Physical Education program that promotes peer-to-peer socialization among typical developing peers from the school.

Self-contained Adapted Physical Education-

If in a Therapeutic Day school or Private school setting that does not have typically developing peers on campus, or the student(s) isn’t ready for a class with typically developing peers, the classes will be taught in a highly structured self contained model.


Consult Adapted Physical Education services-

If a student with diverse abilities attends general Physical Education, one of our Adapted Physical Educator’s will come to your school and provide consultation to the student’s PE teacher, as well as their support staff. This in order to provide strategies and ensure appropriate modifications and accommodations are made to curriculum. This service is provided when the student attends general Physical Education class. This service allows for a schools PE teacher to better provide for their students in an Inclusion setting and help them to differentiate their instruction. Alternately, we can pull out the student if there is an area of curriculum where the student needs one to one support. This service can include becoming a part of the students Individualized Educational Program.

Program Improvement Consultation/Coaching services-

Many Physical Education and Adapted Physical Education programs are looking for support in order to improve their programming for their students. Adaptability will come to your school to share the latest inclusion strategies, modifications, activities and equipment in order to help enhance curriculum for self-contained, reverse inclusion or general PE classes.

Professional Development training:

Adaptability will come to your school for a Professional Development training. If your school or district has a specific area of content to be trained on, we can meet your needs. Our most popular 2 hour training’s with their agendas are below:

“Inclusion Accommodations and Strategies for Students with Disabilities in General Physical Education”

  • Overview of common disabilities

  • Providing reinforcers and visuals

  • Behavior management strategies

  • Managing support staff

  • Accommodations to skills, activities and game play in order to increase students safety and success.

“Brockport Physical Fitness Assessment for students with disabilities”

  • A brief refresher on the Fitnessgram Assessments

  • How to classify students in order to administer the proper Fitnessgram and/or Brockport assessments

  • How to choose and administer each of the 27 different test item options

  • How to access the resources needed to collect and submit the data to ISBE.

  • Accommodations on how to increase the scores of students while administering the assessments.

Fitness Assessments-

If your school needs assistance administering the state mandated Fitnessgram or Brockport Assessment to on-site or off-site students, Adaptability will come on site to administer these assessments.