If you are interested in joining the Adaptability team as an Adapted Physical Education teacher, fill out the questionnaire below and email your resume to

All applicants are required to have valid Illinois K-12 Physical Education licensure and have taken the appropriate Adapted Physical Education collegiate coursework for their APE approval. Please contact us if you are unsure if you have the necessary collegiate coursework or are pending with your licensure.

Adaptability provides Adapted Physical Education services to public, non-public and private schools across Chicagoland. Adaptability continues to grow each year at a steady pace.

Adaptability offers:

- Competitive salaries with Incentive Opportunities

- Opportunity for a flexible part-time teaching position that is paid hourly

- Excellent Health Insurance- Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO - *Full time positions only

- Company Retirement Plan with matching

- Excellent support through an extensive mentoring program. In addition to the mentoring program, Adaptability has a once a month team Collaboration meeting where our APE's come together in order to address problem-solving solutions as well a share the latest and the greatest strategies, lessons, activities, behavior interventions, etc.

- Each school year, we provide a minimum of 3 full day Professional Development's at the IAHPERD Convention and the DuPage Institute with more opportunities available.

- We offer a culture and atmosphere that is conducive to professional growth!

Personal skill set's necessary to be employed by Adaptability:

- Adaptable and flexible

- Excellent organizational skills

- Excellent communication skills

- Proficient with Google