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“Charlie came to our school in order to provide a two hour Professional Development training to our Adapted and General Education PE teachers. The content he shared has greatly improved our programming. His energy and passion during the training made it very engaging for our staff.”
— Director of Special Education
“Ms. Blocker’s classes are so much fun! Our students love the days they have APE with Ms. Blocker.”
— Special Education teacher
“Mr. Snee provides me with many strategies and adaptations to my curriculum in order to ensure our student’s participation.”
— Physical Education teacher
“Each year, at my sons’s annual review meeting, Mr. Snee gives us such an in-depth report of his progress, it makes us feel confident that our son is meeting his full potential in PE class.”
— Mother of son with Autism Spectrum Disorder
“Ms. Blocker creates the class lessons in order to build off of our students strengths, while ensuring they are fun and engaging.”
— Principal