Dear Parents,

The IEP (Individualized Educational Program) process, along with many of the related and direct services your child may receive can be very overwhelming. The terms used in meetings and on IEP’s can be difficult to understand. With this in mind, we have included a few common questions and answers below on Adapted Physical Education for parents:

“What is Adapted Physical Education?”

Adapted Physical Education (APE) is the art and science of developing appropriate Physical Education for students with disabilities. There are two ways for an Adapted Physical Education teacher to provide your child with services. The first is direct APE services. This means an APE teacher will teach, design and structure APE classes to meet the specific needs of your child. We do this by building off of your child’s strengths and choosing skills, games and activities that they will find enjoyable and engaging. This is done in a small student to teacher ratio with a highly structured classroom environment.

The second way to deliver APE services is via Consult services. This service consists of the Adapted Physical Education teacher "pushing" into general Physical Education class with your child. During consult APE services, the APE teacher is not teaching the class, they are there to support your child by coaching your child’s PE teacher and the their support staff. During consult services, the APE teacher will coach the PE teacher on the following:

  • How to modify the structure of the class.

  • How to modify skills, games and activities in order to increase your child’s success in the class.

  • Ensure that games and activities are safe your child to participate in.

  • Strategies in order to increase peer to peer social interactions with your child and their classmates.

“Does my child qualify for Adapted Physical Education?”

An Adapted Physical Education evaluation is done in order to determine services. This can be requested by a parent at any time!

“How Can I get Adapted Physical Education services for my child if they don’t currently receive it?”

Contact the Director of Special Education for your child’s school or school district in order to inquire about Adapted Physical Education service opportunities. Some schools in Illinois already have an Adapted Physical Educator that can provide your child services. If they do not, advocate for your child and the importance that they receive an Adapted Physical Education evaluation or services. At this point, the school can contact Adaptability or you can make the recommendation! There are many schools that do not provide or have access to Adapted Physical Education services. Adaptability was opened in order to ensure all students across Chicagoland receive appropriate and quality Physical Education services.

Contact us to request service or ask questions. We look forward to hearing from you.